While Everyone Focuses On Mueller’s Russia Investigation, Look What’s Happening to Bernie …

As investigations against well-known political figures continue to move forward, one investigation in particular is raising questions outside the White House.

Jane Sanders, wife of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has come under scrutiny from a federal investigation that was launched last year over allegations of possible bank fraud.

According to Fox News, multiple individuals have been questioned by the FBI, with the latest being interviewed within the last six weeks.

Described as a “land deal that went bad” by some, the incident in question is an alleged real estate deal that had been initiated during Jane Sanders’ time as president at Burlington College in 2010.

With plans to expand the college, Sanders was reportedly looking to secure a portion of land from a Roman Catholic parish.

She soon obtained a $6.7 million bank loan, and a $3.6 million loan from a parish where she planned to purchase the property, according to Fox.

However, amid growing allegation that she had made up the amount of money donors had pledged — along with accusations of providing incorrect information to the bank — Sanders resigned in 2011.

Since that time, numerous individuals who had been listed as “college donors” have reportedly denied the commitments.

And multiple outlets predict the news could shake up any chance Bernie Sanders may have in the 2020 presidential candidacy “because the scandal touches on the themes of education costs and six-figure severance packages — two issues that were central to Sanders’ populist message,” reports The Washington Examiner.

Sanders has labeled the federal investigation as “pathetic” and states that his wife is the “most honest person I know.”

Further, some — though noting that any wrongdoing should be brought to justice — admit that they believe things may be more political than first described.

“It is problematic that this relatively simple case involving just one small erstwhile college and a small bank is taking so long to resolve,” said Jake Novak for CNBC. “It seems to have begun just as Senator Sanders was challenging then-President Obama’s chosen successor, Hillary Clinton.”

And Novak argues that it has continued as the Vermont senator continues to be an “enduring thorn” in President Donald Trump’s side.

“This appears to make the probe’s extended shelf life clearly more about politics than anything else,” Novak alleges. “At some point in this dangerous game of chicken, someone needs to quit the political vendettas and put things right.”

“That moment seems less likely to happen than ever right now.”

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