Hillary Says No ‘Absolution’ For Women Who Didn’t Vote For Her

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she would not grant absolution to women.

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  Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, at her book signing event.

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By Alexander Nazaryan On 6/11/17 at 9:08 AM U.S. Hillary Clinton Donald Trump The Democratic.

Hillary Adviser Won’t Listen To Bernie Because He’s Not A Democrat [VIDEO]

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ opinions about Democratic party leaders aren’t worth listening to because he’s.

Even Democrats Who Supported Clinton Want Her To Stop Her Blame Tour

Recent Posts Recent Comments Ron Chusid: It seems to make sense but I wonder if.

Clinton Now Adds DNC To Long List Of Those She Blames For Losing

Recent Comments Ron Chusid: It seems to make sense but I wonder if anyone has.

DNC and Wikileaks To Hillary: Blame Yourself For Losing, Not Us

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