Federal Government Shuts Down After Congress Fails To Reach Deal

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., at a rally outside the Capitol hours before the shutdown deadline..

The Construction Of A Wall To Keep Unwelcome Visitors Out Makes A Lot Of Sense – Bernie Sanders

“The construction of a wall to keep unwelcome visitors out makes a lot of sense.

How Bernie Sanders is wasting his political capital

  Senator Bernie Sanders has been sitting on the sidelines since the 2016 election, Jake.

“We Must Not Hold The Lives of 800,000 Young Dreamers Hostage” – Bernie Sanders On “The Wall”
Leahy And Sanders Help Net Neutrality Resolution Reach 40-Vote Milestone In The Senate

Momentum builds for grassroots effort to ensure a free and open internet by passing a.

Senator Ted Cruz, I invite U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders And All Of My Democratic Colleagues To Join Me Today –

From Senator Ted Cruz “I invite U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and all of my Democratic.