Russians used this sexy Bernie ad to influence the election

We know that Russian operatives purchased ads on social media to promote divisive social issues. We know that the ads attempted to stoke passions on the left and the right. And we know that some were used to organize actual, in-person protests in the U.S.

But until Wednesday, when the House Intelligence Committee released a batch of the Facebook ads and Twitter handles associated with Russian operatives, the American public had only caught glimpses of what Russian interference actually looked like.

The Twitter names include misspellings of celebrities and media personalities (“ChrisHayesss”), imagined news outlets (“DailyNewsDenver,” “DailySanDiego”) and some otherwise normal-sounding names (“DonnieLMiller,” “Della_Carlson”).

But the Facebook ads are quite varied. They include a muscle-bound Bernie Sanders, pro-police memes, fake Black Lives Matter ads, and much more. We’ve embedded some of the images below, along information about the people to whom they were targeted:

Source: Google Alerts

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