Some Time on June 27th, and were breached.

Sometime on June 27th 2015 and were compromised or corrupted.

Fortunately I am hosted with HostGator and their security team is investigating.

Till such time as they complete their investigation those sites are for the most part out of service.

Once HostGator security has completed  it’s investigation both sites as well as affected email accounts will be restored from back-up’s that were created through Hostgator.

Facebook, Google+, and other Social Media outlets do not seem to be affected.


UPDATE: 7/25/2015

While I am still having issues, follow us on Facebook       fb-art

UPDATE: 7/6/2015 8:45AM

Although much information was lost on the site is once again stable and will be re-built.

However, still has issues and is still being investigated.

UPDATE: 7/6/2015 10:54AM has once again been compromised and is not responding properly or is not allowing access to content.

HostGator Security is still investigating.

Any inquiries may be directed to


ps3corruptUPDATE: 7/16/2015


Issues are still ongoing,,


MassCentral can still be accessed on FaceBook at: