Wine Infused With Marijuana

A company called Mary Jane Wines is helping medical marijuana users get the treatment they need in wine form.


The company makes small batches of weed-infused wine, though just half a bottle can run you between $120 and $400.

Coming in both a Malbec and Chardonnay, this wine is made with sterilized hemp seeds and Cannabidiol extract.

Their product is currently available in California, only to those who have a medical marijuana license.

Though recreational marijuana use is legal in states like Washington, Oregon and Colorado, their laws prohibit mixing alcohol with the drug, so at the present moment, this wine is strictly California fare.

And don’t think this is just about getting a buzz.

Mary Jane Wines says the Cannabidiol extract in their wine can help cancer patients, those with sleep disorders, glaucoma and people with schizophrenia.

The owners of Mary Jane Wines say, “…providing quality medicine to those in need is what it’s really all about.”


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