William Shatner Took On Man-Hating Feminists — And Won

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk may be 86-years old, but he’s not slowing down, especially when it comes to slamming man-hating feminists on Twitter.

On Monday, William Shatner responded to a feminist article in Boing Boing that his character in the Star Trek series was a symbol of toxic masculinity. The 86-year-old actor slammed the writer and third wave feminism for being degrading towards men and being just as bad as misandry, the prejudice against men.

After giving the Boing Boing writer a verbal knockout, Shatner began trolling other feminists who were slamming him and even trying to link him to being a conservative or supporting President Trump.

Shatner returned to the point once again though that misandry does exist and modern third wave feminism is more about man-hating than the original concept of equality.

He said at the end of the Twitter war that he supports the concept of feminism and equality among both men and women. However, the dark turn of the third wave feminists needs to be weeded out like all other extremists.


Source: Red Alert Politics

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