Will The Cannabis Industry Benefit From Millennial Voters?

Cannabis legalization may be the way of the future as society begins to understand the powers of the marijuana plant. With the ability to treat epilepsy, cancer and other life threatening diseases cannabis could be the medical answer we’ve been searching for.




Millennial and youth voters in America care more than any other generation about the legalization of marijuana, but will that be enough to drive them to the polls for November’s pivotal election? There are as many as 13 pending ballot initiatives to legalize either adult recreational marijuana use or medical marijuana, with initiatives in nine states having already qualified to be on the ballot in November. Increased turnout from young voters could also have a substantial impact on the presidential election.

http://www.marketwatch.com/story/can-2016-marijuana-ballot-initiatives-ignite-a-fire-under-millennial-voters-2016-09-15According to the Pew Research Center, 63% of Republican millennials, and 77% of their Democratic-leaning counterparts, support the legalization of marijuana. And while Democrats across generations are largely in favor of legalization, 47% of Republican gen. Xers, 38% of baby boomers and 17% of the silent generation support the cause. read more at marketwatch.com

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