WATCH: New EPA head Pruitt tells CPAC crowd they are ‘justified’ in wanting to see agency eliminated

Repeatedly stating, “The future ain’t what it used to be,” newly confirmed Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt on Saturday told attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference that they are “justified” in wanting to see the agency eliminated.

“I think people across this county look at the EPA much as they look at the IRS,” the former GOP congressman from oil-friendly Oklahoma told the appreciative crowd.

According to Pruitt, the Obama administration went too far and has damaged the energy industry and that is was right to feel justified to want to see the agency reined in if not gutted.

In an interview after his speech, Pruitt said he intended to see look at previous EPA initiatives, like the Clean Power Plan and the Methane Rule, and roll them back.

Pruitt, who himself repeatedly sued the EPA , claimed the agency has been guilty of “not respecting the law.”

Watch his speech as well as his interview below via YouTube:

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