Two Maine Bernie-crats leave the Democratic Party

(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

While Democrats may be allied against the Trump Administration, they’re still deeply divided over the vision of their party and leadership — and that fissure is beginning to show.

A pair of Bernie-supporting members, Denise Harlow and Ralph Chapman of the Maine House of Representatives, left the Democratic Party on Monday over a division about the environment, reported The Observer.

“Obviously, this is not a decision that I have taken lightly,” Harlow told the Portland Press Herald. “I have been a member of the Democratic Party for my entire adult life and have proudly represented part of Portland in the Legislature for six and a half years…I continue to be aligned with the core Democratic values.”

This division between progressives and establishment Democrats isn’t unique to Maine. A progressive group called Justice Democrats are planning a series of primaries against several incumbents in 2018 including Adam Smith (Wash.), Joe Crowley (N.Y.), and Sen. Joe Manchin (W.V.).

Similarly, some establishment Democrats plan on challenging progressives, including Sanders himself.

The Democratic Party is increasingly looking like a house divided against itself, and it’s still up for debate if they’ll be able to stand against Republicans in 2018 and Trump in 2020.


Source: Red Alert Politics

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