This pro-Trump millennial could be the youngest woman ever elected to the Senate

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Senate Democrats face a daunting task in 2018. Despite history suggesting that the party in the White House loses seats during a midterm election, they must defend 10 seats President Trump won in 2016 including Michigan.

The Great Lakes State proved to be a populist stronghold in 2016, supporting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the primaries and then going for the President during the general election.

Lena Epstein was there for all of it as Trump’s Michigan State co-chair in 2016. She now hopes to revive the excitement that elected the 45th President with her own campaign for the state’s U.S. Senate seat in 2018.

I’m running for the U.S. Senate because politicians have failed us and Michiganders are looking for another way,” Epstein told Red Alert Politics. “I will speak for those who have not yet been spoken for, that government so far have failed them and their families.”

Like Trump, Epstein’s campaign is centered around the forgotten man. Some of her key issues resemble Trump’s stances including immigration, national security, the economy, and ensuring that the U.S. has the “right trading partners and the right trade deals.”

Having a business background is something she shares with Trump. Epstein is a graduate of Harvard University and the co-owner of Southfield, Michigan-based Vesco Oil Corporation, which has more than 200 employees and annual revenue exceeding $175 million.

Not bad for a 35-year-old expecting her first child in October.

Yet let it not be confused, Epstein isn’t running as Trump 2.0. She’s her own person with different life experiences and ideas. Most notably, she understands the perils facing millennials in Michigan and across the country.

“If I’m elected I will be the youngest female to have ever served in the Senate,” Epstein said. “I am a millennial, I can relate to the challenges millennials face.”

“Millennials are the future of this country, and it’s important that we embrace, appreciate, and respect those who came before but at the same time bring our own strengths as a generation forward,” she continued. “When I traveled the great state of Michigan, I have been surrounded by some of the most talented millennials. Their voice needs to be heard. I’ve seen the power of their voice.”

Epstein said that she wants to spur economic growth that will help the millennial generation including tax cuts as well as one-time five percent tax, instead of 35 percent, to entice U.S. companies to bring overseas money back into the country and create jobs domestically.

Like most in the millennial generation, Epstein is not obsessed with partisanship. She’s hoping her campaign can reach out to all people including those who don’t typically vote for Republicans.

“This election, this campaign is less than a D vs. R issue,” Epstein said. “This is going to be the American people’s campaign, regardless of party or past voting history. People want a change, they voted for a change in November, and Sen. Stabenow has been in office for over 40 years. Respectfully, it’s time for new leadership.”


Source: Red Alert Politics

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