Stop TV and Other Ads Fraudulently Claiming that Psychiatric Disorders are Caused by a Brain Chemical Imbalance

After huge government False Claims and illegal marketing lawsuits have slammed just about every manufacturer of psychiatric drugs, even the top officials at the American Psychiatric Association and National Institute of Mental Health now admit  that a chemical imbalance of the brain and neurotransmitter  (e.g. serotonin and dopamine) levels do not determine mental illness.

This common false belief has been cleverly branded into the minds of Americans by pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists to the point wherein 20% of the US population is taking at least one psychiatric drug despite the fact that even current NIMH Director Thomas Insel claims they do not work on most people.

On the manufacturer’s information sheet for every psychiatric drug, under “mechanism of action” (which is how the drug works), it states, “Unknown.” Yet, after psychiatric drugs state that their mechanism of action is not known, they start showing pictures of brain chemical levels changing while saying something like, “some experts hypothesize that depression is caused by too much serotonin and their drug is believed to correct this problem.”

This is extremely fraudulent and misleading. The FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion has a primary function of stopping fraudulent and misleading marketing and regarding psychiatric drug marketing, they obviously have been unwilling to do their job. The US Congress has the ability to both pressure them and to pass laws to ban psychiatric drug TV advertising.

Please tell your US Senators and Congressman to:

1. Tell the FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion to Ban any psychiatric drug ads claiming that the drugs may be handling a mental illness by correcting a chemical imbalance of the brain or neurotransmitter levels.

2. Ban Television and other advertising of psychiatric drugs.


Let’s work together to stop this public health risk of direct marketing harmful drugs under false pretenses directly to the public.

Take back your health America!


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