Stephen Curry gets mouthguard cake, Golden State Warriors fans sing Happy Birthday

March 15 (UPI) — There is nothing like the thought of a saliva-infested object on your food.

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry celebrated Pi Day with a cake for his 29th birthday on Tuesday. The desert featured a white iced base on a gold plate. The plate read: “Happy Birthday Stephen.” Curry’s cake also featured the Warriors’ bridge logo on the side, and had his S.C. initials, a golden Pi logo, and a mouthpiece on top.

“Blessed to see another year,” Curry wrote on Instagram. “So many things to be thankful for! Keep growing, keep pushing, living life…Appreciate everyone who reached out today. #29 #morelife.”

Curry wore his “Dubfetti” Under Armour shoes and had children singing Happy Birthday to him Tuesday during warm-ups. The Warriors edged the Philadelphia 76ers 106-104, behind Curry’s game-high 29 points.

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