Sheriff David Clarke at CPAC: 'The rule of law doesn't divide us'

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wisc. helped close out the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference with a show of support for law enforcement, telling grassroots activists on Saturday that “blue lives matter in America” and that the rule of law is part of American culture.

“The rule of law doesn’t divide us,” Mr. Clarke said. “It binds us together in our great American life with shared behaviors, beliefs, and manners. I call it, as do many of you, American exceptionalism.”

“As a career cop, as I call myself, I have spent my life’s work to date in the noble field of public safety — a profession whose very success is dependent on a moral and legal authority and … bestowed powers of the governed — that’s you the people,” he said.

“It relies upon our people trusting in the integrity of an ancient and time-proven system and my profession’s adherence to a code of fairness, impartiality and honor,” he said.

“It is a trust that is built upon bedrock, and it finds that bedrock in the rule of law,” Mr. Clarke said.

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