Sarandon: Trump Is Great For Millennial Political Engagement [VIDEO]

Susan Sarandon believes while Trump is a bad president, he's good for America and politics as a whole. (Photo via CBS)

Susan Sarandon believes while Trump is a bad president, he’s good for America and politics as a whole. (Photo via CBS)

Actress Susan Sarandon is one of the few Hollywood liberals who called “bullsh*t” on the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. As a Bernie Sanders supporter, she said that the system was rigged against him.

However, with Clinton’s historic loss to Donald Trump in November, Sarandon believes there’s a silver lining in all of this, and a lot of it has to do with how millennials approach politics. On Friday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sarandon was asked about how Trump’s “revolution” is going.

“Have you seen this many town hall meetings of people from all parties storming and knocking on the doors of their representatives and complaining and screaming and yelling?” Sarandon said to Colbert.

Colbert responded, “Not since 2010.”

“No. Not since the ‘70s, I think,” Sarandon rebutted. “This is really out of control. Now there are town hall meetings everywhere. I saw one in California where they were screaming about ICE coming in and taking people. I mean, people are really awake now because ‘the cracks let the light in,’ as Leonard Cohen would say.”

Colbert and Sarandon continued their back and forth about the revolutions happening on both sides of the aisle, and didn’t see eye-to-eye on what the end goal was.

“Do you mean like brick through the window, line the rich people up against the wall [revolution]? Because revolutions eventually get there,” Colbert noted.

“No, I’m talking about people being engaged in the system, holding representatives responsible,” Sarandon said. “We have to identify real progressives, people that are going to get us health care, college education, and infrastructure, and we’re in an oligarchy right now. And people were saying ‘we don’t want the status quo,’ ‘the status quo’s not working,’ and the only candidate, as stupid as he [was and] didn’t give any specifics, was the one that—I mean, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton. It was Trump. So people wanted a change, and now they’re getting something that they didn’t expect, but they’re writing and they’re calling and they’re young people.

“The millennials are on fire,” she said.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Red Alert Politics

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