Sanders Supporter: They Won’t Tell You, But You Were Right. About Everything

Niko House

Throughout the process of this very interesting Democratic primary, the people of the United States have felt almost helpless watching their right to vote and have their voices heard taken away from them. For many, it seemed obvious that the Democratic primary winner had been picked by the Democratic party long before this election started.

Whether it was the media blackout of Senator Sanders, the 6 scheduled debates by the DNC (compared to the 20 plus times Secretary Clinton debated President Obama), party registration switches that Secretary Clinton invariably benefited from, refusal by mainstream media to show exit polls once the polls’ improbable discrepencies were called into question, false narratives spread about pro-Sanders events and supporters (such as the magical flying chair or the “Bernie Bros.”), or the plethora of other examples — it was baffling to those of us following the election that anyone could be blind to the fact that the DNC had tipped the scales in favor of Secretary Clinton.

Guccifer 2 eventually leaked email correspondance between the DNC, super pacs, super delegates, and other key political entities outlining their very straight forward intentions to ensure that Secretary Clinton was the winner of the 2016 Presidential Elections. Some of the emails were sent nearly a month after Senator Sanders had announced that he was running for president on the democratic ticket, and therefore would be participating in the Democratic primary election.

When this information went public, many half-expected HRC supporters to at least do the honorable thing and at least concede that the results of the election should be reassessed in light of the damaging facts that were released about the clear plan to make sure that HRC was the only candidate that could win this presidential election. However, the opposite occured. Sanders supporters were told to admit defeat. They were told the race was over. They were told election fraud should be ignored, because “At least we have our first female presumptive nominee”. Many HRC supporters continued to advocate for her. Our democracy appeared to look like a sporting event where people cared about their team winning more than they cared about the integrity of the officiating.

What was missed by almost every single HRC supporter and MSM source was the fact that the Sanders supporters were right. Not only did they not get credit for being right, but retribution was not even being considered or discussed by the DNC. It seemed as if Senator Sanders and his supporters were suppose to lay down and accept this abomination of a primary as our new democracy.

Well, supporters of Sanders and supporters of a truly representative democracy I am here to say it — you were right. There has been a law suit started by Beck and Lee Law Firm, a law firm based out of Miami, Florida. Through a meeting of the minds, Jared H. Beck, Elizabeth Lee Beck, and myself decided that we could not stand idly by and allow these egregious practices to take place without doing our part to prevent them from helping their unconcerned and corrupt beneficiaries. Jared H. Beck and Elizabeth Lee, who graduated from Harvard and Yale respectively, are established and accomplished litigators that have won several multimillion dollar cases. This may not win Senator Sanders the Democratic primary election, but it will ensure the DNC that the voices of the American people will not be muffled without harsh penalty to those public officials who continuously look out for their own personal interests; instead of the interests of those they are sworn to serve.

If you wish to participate in the above mentioned lawsuit please send an email to [email protected]. To qualify (in this stage, but these qualifications are subject to change), you must have donated either to the Democratic party directly or donated to Bernie Sanders directly through his website or through Act Blue. Please send the records of your donations, and you will receive a response with the paperwork on how to become an official claimant.


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