Robert De Niro: Trump Turned U.S. Into “Tragic Dumbass Comedy” [VIDEO]

Robert De Niro has some thoughts about the state of the union with Donald Trump in office and decided to share them with the class of 2017 at Brown University. (Photo via Brown University)

Liberal bias coming from commencement speakers is in full display with the first cycle of students graduating into the real world under President Trump.

Hollywood tough guys like Robert De Niro felt he needed to air his political opinions as well to the Brown University class of 2017 while receiving an honorary doctorate in the fine arts.

In a speech on Sunday, De Niro said to laughter and cheers, “Welp, the country’s gone crazy. In movie terms, when you started school, the country was an inspiring uplifting drama. You’re graduating into a tragic dumbass comedy.”

De Niro continued to implore the graduates to “work to stop the insanity” and help make the world a better place.

It’s well known that De Niro isn’t a fan of Trump or his new administration. A day before his commencement address, De Niro called Trump an “idiot” while in the same breath discussing the horrific state of political discourse.

“We have a president now who is here because he was on one of those shows,” he said. “And where are we? There might be people who disagree on that. It’s just a nightmarish situation as far as I’m concerned.”

During the campaign trail, De Niro called Trump “unqualified” and even threatened him with violence on video, saying, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

Watch an excerpt from De Niro’s speech at Brown University:

Source: Red Alert Politics

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