Quincy Mass Taking Big Pharma To Court Over Its Role In Opioid Epidemic

QUINCY, Mass. – Quincy is taking the opioid epidemic to court after the city announced it will sue drug makers because it claims the companies caused the sharp rise in addiction over the past several years.

The city has been hit hard by the opioid crisis, much like so many other cities and towns in New England.

But now Quincy said it is the first major city in Massachusetts to sue big pharma for its role in the opioid epidemic.

Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch said he’s hired the same law firm that took on big tobacco and asbestos claims.

 Koch said big pharma marketed opiate-based prescriptions in a way that downplayed the dangers of addiction.
“We have to be willing to fight this crisis on every front, and holding the drug industry accountable for its deceptive and dangerous practices is an important one,” Koch said.

Koch said he wants the lawsuit to get big pharma to change its ways and also to get some money back for a city that’s spending more each year on drug-related treatments and education.

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