QB Cam Newton Returns to Practice, Likely to Play in Saints Game

News of Cam Newton has dominated the News all year, and mostly for all the right reasons. There was speculation about what Newton would do for the Panthers before the season began. Anyone looking at the NFL spread knew that he would probably dominate.

Or rather, based on his record, analysts made a lot of positive assumptions; Newton has the makings of a truly impressive quarterback, one that could go on to do great things in the future. And, indeed, Newton began the season in high gear.

Sure, he wasn’t perfect, stumbling in a few places; however he, none the less, performed, showing the potential for even greater plays down the season; which is why there were a few groans of disappointment when Newton was seemingly sidelined due to a concussion.

The first several weeks of the season have been largely consumed by talk of all the hits Cam Newton has been taking, many of them so jarring that even fans took notice and began to question whether he should have been allowed to continue playing in some of those games.

Luckily for Newton fans, they need not worry about the Quarterback’s continued role in the season, at least for the moment; Newton is returned to practice on Wednesday. He probably wasn’t happy to miss the Monday game against Tampa Bay; Newton took reps with the first-team offense on Wednesday.

All sign point towards the QB being more than ready to engage in competition once more. Newton was joking with his teammates in the huddle even as he threw passes and took snaps.

Wearing a helmet and a red Number 1 practice jersey, the media was only allowed to watch 20 minutes of the practice session, so there is no telling whether he continued to perform as required once the cameras left.

The little that reporters saw was, none the less, encouraging, with Newton jogging and throwing the ball around. Coach Ron Rivera has been a little terse about the Sunday game against the New Orleans Saints. It is still unclear as to whether he intends to put Newton in the game. Rivera will probably resolve that particular issue long before the game, giving fans some peace of mind.

The panthers definitely need Newton on the field, considering the losing streak that has been plaguing them for some time now. For now, the talent streaming back into the team should improve their fortunes.

Jonathan Steward was also seen at practice; the running back had a hamstring injury that kept him out of the past three games. Left Tackle Michael Oher and James Bradberry are unlikely to make it back in time for the Sunday game, though, this along with Vernon Butler.

While fans have been largely impressed with what they have seen, Newton struggled at the start of the season, completing 57.9 percent of his passes and boasting 6 touchdowns and five interceptions.

Seeing how well he has played against the Saints in the past, though, they will probably keep a keen eye out for him. There is no reason to believe that Newton won’t perform as expected on Sunday; though, if any complications arise, the Panthers can still look to Derek Anderson.

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