Preseason Finds New England Patriots at the Head of the Pack


Who will be dethroning the New England Patriots in the new season? That is the question on the lips of practically every sports enthusiast you speak to. The Patriots betting odds to win Super Bowl are impressive.

So clearly everyone expects them to take the victory once the dust settles. Of course, Raiders fans and Steelers fans might dispute such bold claims, and for good reason what with the performances Derek Carr and Ben Roethlisberger delivered in the previous season.

If you are not sold by this optimism, you are not alone. The Patriot’s price is expected to be as high-yield as it could possibly get, and even the unanticipated stumbles some pessimistic pundits have been harping about are unlikely to materialize.

The NFL Preseason is here. And according to notable Sportsbooks, New England boasts odds of roughly +375. The second favorites are the Green Bay Packers whose price is roughly twice that of the Patriots.

The Oakland Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys, the Seahawks and even the Steelers follow the Packers, each of whom has championship aspirations and boasts price tags sitting at +1200. On the one hand, it is shocking to look at and process the odds of the Patriots. After all, the 2015 and 2016 preseason favorites had odds in the +600 area.

On the other hand, the Patriots have proven time and time again that they are no ordinary football team. And the previous season saw them display drastic improvements in their passing game and pass defense.

The addition of Brandin Cooks and Stephen Gilmore to their ranks only added to the depth of the team which in turn raises questions about the sort of challenge the Patriots will present when the preseason starts.

NFL fans that enthusiastically followed the previous season cannot be surprised by what they are seeing. After all, New England kicked the 2016 season off with a price tag of +600. However, once the team entered the action and began to display what it could do, the odds began to fall, eventually settling at +375 in just four games.

Of course, history suggests that there is no team that can climb so high that it cannot fall. And the Patriots could shock everyone by rolling back all the improvements they manifested in the previous season.

But, then again, the early schedule explains the fervor that New England seems to elicit. After all, of the six games they will play at the start, only two are against playoff teams. So things look pretty good for them.

Naturally, there are people that will refuse to pick the Patriots because of whatever bias they hold against the team. In that case, the only other notable choice is the Packers who have Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers’ presence makes the Packers a threat against anyone and everyone.

There is something to be said for New England’s opponents in the AFC. One should never sleep on the Raiders or the Steelers. The Steelers have a tough schedule this time around, though not as hard as that of the Raiders. And in that regard, one wouldn’t be faulted for giving Pittsburgh a shot.

They have a decent chance of delivering a 14-win season and an upset against the Patriots.

The Seahawks are in the hunt for a second-stringer for Russell Wilson according to NFL Media’s Mike Silver, who reported that Seahawks’ general manager John Schneider has been in conversations with Kaepernick’s agent. And, though there’s still no word on whether any terms were discussed, or that a contract is on the table, a deal seems to be on the table.

Last year Kaepernick had a 59.2 completion percentage, posting a 16-4 Touchdown vs Interception ratio. But, his campaign last season was filled with controversy over his kneeling during the national anthem.

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