Polls Show Sanders Would Win Presidential Election By Landslide

berniepollsIf Bernie Sanders were on the ticket for the presidential election this year, polls show he would trounce both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a landslide. Poll data from hundreds of polls nationwide show that both Clinton and Trump have the worst favorably ratings since this type of polling began 30 years ago. Clinton’s favorability rating is at a dismal 41% and Trump is even worse, polling in at 36%, according to the Huffington Post.

Sanders’ polls however, are much higher. His 53.4% favorable rating is so far ahead of both candidates that the poll suggests he would easily beat both Clinton and Trump if elections were held today.


The massive disparity also suggests that if the Democratic National Committee didn’t show favoritism to Clinton, Sanders would be the Democratic nominee today.

What was also striking about the Democratic primaries was the enormous support Sanders received at his campaign rallies but without media coverage, suggesting a clear bias even on the part of the media. For example, I was at a Sanders rally at Chicago State University in February where thousands of other people attended. The environment that night was electric and historic. Yet, the rally only received minimal media coverage.

The high unfavorabilty ratings also suggest that people will vote based on which candidate they dislike the most rather than the candidate they feel could do the job better. That poses uncertainty in terms of who will actually come out and vote for their candidate.

Whether it’s Trump or Clinton who wins, Americans learned an important lesson this year: There are deep problems in the system that need to be rectified in order to actually call the system democratic, open, and fair. Right now, it doesn’t appear to be so.

source : usuncut.news

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