Pence Calls on Conservatives to Counter the Left, Media

The president’s agenda is up against liberal activists, many of them cramming into congressional town halls, all aided by the liberal media, Vice President Mike Pence told the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday.

Pence said to counter the unified opposition of the Left and the press President Donald Trump would need the continued help, enthusiasm and prayers he said lifted Republicans to victory on Nov. 8.

“President Trump turned the blue wall red. You know what, the establishment never saw it coming.”

“Our fight didn’t end on Nov. 8,” Pence said. “But the most important work lies ahead … Friends, this is our time. This is the time to prove again that our answers are the right answers for America.”

Pence came to CPAC — which sold 8,000 tickets and hosted 2,000 journalists and bloggers, according to chairman Matt Schlapp —  to rally grassroots conservatives behind the administration’s agenda.

Last year, the conservative gathering, organized by the American Conservative Union annually, wasn’t sure about which Republican they should choose to be the presidential nominee.

But Chris Cox, a top official for the NRA, reminded the audience before Pence came out that Justice Antonin Scalia had died just days before the 2016 CPAC.

Republicans had to win the White House later in 2016, Cox said, or face 40 years of progressive change from a liberal Supreme Court.

Pence told the CPAC audience much of the change conservatives wanted, they will get. Some of it already has been delivered.

As CPAC speakers frequently said on Thursday, the first full day of the annual event, Trump hit a home run with his Supreme Court choice to replace Scalia, U.S. Judge Neil Gorsuch.

But Pence said Gorsuch was not the only one home run.

Trump’s Cabinet is the most conservative Cabinet in Pence’s lifetime, the vice president from Columbus, Indiana, said. More conservative than President George W. Bush’s or even President Ronald Reagan’s.

Pence joked about the personality differences between him and the president.

Trump, Pence said, was a Manhattan billionaire, while he was a Midwestern conservative.

“Some people have remarked we’re a little bit different,” said Pence. But he said despite their different backgrounds they were both committed to a shared vision of an America made great again.

Pence also made sure to remind the audience that Trump won states that Republicans haven’t won since 1988.

“President Trump won a historic victory all across the United States,” said Pence. “President Trump turned the blue wall red. You know what, the establishment never saw it coming. They dismissed him every step of the way.”

Pence said it’s vital in the legislative fights to come that Trump’s supporters stick by him.

“President Donald Trump is already delivering for the American people,” said Pence. “President Trump will fight for you every single day . . . The success of our country depends as much on all of you as it does on us. We must all of us rise to the challenge.”

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