Pat Perez on Tiger Woods: “He Knows He Can’t Beat Anybody”

Feb. 23 (UPI) — A withdraw in Dubai was followed by Tiger Woods pulling out of the Honda Classic and Genesis Open.

Although those moves were said to be the result of back spasms, fellow golfer Pat Perez is questioning Woods’ talent and confidence.

“The bottom line is, he knows he can’t beat anybody,” Perez said this week on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. “But he’s got this new corporation that he started, so he’s got to keep his name relevant to keep the corporation going. He’s going to show up to a few events, he’s going to try to play. He’s gotta go out there and show the Monster Bag, he’s going to show the TaylorMade driver. He’s going to get on TV, he’s got the Nike clothes, he’s gotta keep that stuff relevant. But the bottom line is he knows he can’t beat anybody. He knows it.”

Woods previously missed 15 months of action while recovering from multiple back surgeries. The golf legend was unable to attend his scheduled press conference this week because doctors told him he needed to “stay horizontal,” according to reports.

“My doctors have advised me not to play the next two weeks, to continue my treatment and to let my back calm down,” Tiger said on Feb. 19, via his official website. “This is not what I was hoping for or expecting. I am extremely disappointed to miss the Genesis Open, a tournament that benefits my foundation, and The Honda Classic, my hometown event. I would like to thank Genesis for their support, and I know we will have an outstanding week.”

Last year Jack Nicklaus said that he didn’t “understand what” Tiger is “struggling with” during his drought.

“I’ve kept up with it and I’ve had a couple texts back and forth, but we haven’t really talked,” Nicklaus said. “He’s struggling. I don’t understand what he is struggling with, but I know he is struggling and he would be playing if he could play.”

Perez also speculates that if Woods doesn’t play in April in the Masters, he doesn’t think “you’ll see him again.”

Tiger’s last major victory came in 2008 at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. It was his 14th major title.

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