Olivia Wilde Fat-Shamed Trump… And Almost Got Away With it

(AP Photo)

Hollywood liberals are really good at not practicing what they preach. They live life by the mantra “do as I say, not as I do.”

Enter Olivia Wilde.

In an effort to trash the president, the Hollywood actress took to fat-shaming Trump, writing on Twitter:

If it were not for some good and decent progressives on Twitter to call out the actress for her blatant use of body and fat-shaming, Wilde would’ve gotten away with it.

Wilde backtracked her comments, but didn’t delete her original tweet. Instead, she wrote:

This isn’t the first time that President Trump has been fat-shamed or body-shamed. During the 2016 campaign, an artist erected several statues of then-candidate Trump in his birthday suit across the United States. It was hilarious for liberals who pointed and laughed at the Republican presidential candidate’s effigy. However, as soon as an artist made a naked Hillary Clinton statue in the same token as Trump’s, people blew a gasket.

Respect for leaders and public officials goes both ways.


Source: Red Alert Politics

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