Bernie Sanders Reports On His Mississippi Rally – Video

Today I was in Mississippi where workers at Nissan are fighting for justice, dignity and the right to join a union that they deserve.

It is no secret why Nissan chose to build a plant in Mississippi. Today, Mississippi is the poorest state in this country. Over 30 percent of kids in this state are living in poverty, the highest in the nation. The average weekly wage in Mississippi is just $727, the lowest in the nation. Very few people in Mississippi have a defined benefit pension plan. One out of five people in Mississippi suffer from food insecurity, the worst rate in the country.

What corporations understand is that if they can stop workers in Mississippi from forming a union, they can keep wages down in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They can keep telling workers in the North that if they don’t accept lower wages, if they don’t agree to give up their pensions and health care benefits, they’ll just pack up and move to the South.

But on the other hand, if auto workers in Mississippi are able to negotiate for higher wages and better working conditions here, wages will go up in the North and in every state in America. If they have the courage to form a union here, they will do it in Alabama. They’ll do it in Tennessee. They’ll do it in Georgia.

And instead of a race to the bottom, we can start lifting up living standards throughout the country.

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Source: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

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