Longer NBA Seasons: The Key to Eliminating the Resting of Players

These days, it seems like every sport is struggling with the issue of game length. Though, the arguments surrounding each sport are drastically different. In the case of the NBA, the issue isn’t the length of individual games but, rather, the length of entire seasons. Of course, the decisions that will be made with regards to this issue are bound to affect the game of basketball as a whole, not to mention NBA Betting.

League Commissioner Adam Silver has already suggested before that they might make NBA seasons longer in order to minimize the habit teams have of resting players. Nothing has been decided as of yet, and nothing will change anytime soon. However, Adam Silver thinks that the league is at a point where they could add a week to the regular season.

The goal isn’t to make the season longer for the sake of it, but to change the time between games. And no one has an issue with resting players, especially if they are incapable of performing on the court.

As John Wall of the Wizards has explained on a number of occasions, the problem arises from teams that rest players who are not injured or struggling with pains and aches of any kind. The practice can have a decidedly negative impact on the success and entertainment value of certain games.

And it is becoming more common with each season, to the ire of people like Ted Leon. Ted has no kind words for the likes of San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich who has made a habit out of the practice, not to mention LeBron James back when he was with the Miami Heat.

To understand the detrimental impact resting players can have on the NBA, one only needs to look at the National TV game that saw the Spurs face Golden state this season. Both teams chose to rest many of their starters. The result was a game with so much potential for excitement but which turned out to be quite lackluster.

There has been talk of enacting rules that will force players that are not injured to play. However, that might create situations where a player is forced to march onto the court when their trainer had deemed it necessary for them to rest.

While the fans do not benefit from games that find so many players on both teams resting, they would be equally disappointed to watch games with players performing below the expected level because they haven’t been permitted to get the rest they need.

There is no obvious solution to this problem. And even if the NBA was to add an extra week to the season, it doesn’t guarantee that the practice of resting players would be minimized.

So many factors would have to be considered for the required outcome to be achieved. This includes scheduling games in such a way that there is more space between matches. Of course, achieving that simple goal isn’t a simple task because it would require arenas to free up more dates for games.

Every team requires a certain amount of rest in order to deliver an optimal performance. The only way for the NBA to accommodate everyone is to spread the games a little further apart.

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