Liberals Cry That LSU’s Tiger Mascot Is Racist


Social justice warriors and Black Lives Matter are determined to wipe out racist icons and figures. Now, they’ve set their sight on a new target, Louisiana State University’s football mascot Mike the Tiger.

A petition created by a profile named LaMallori, which associates themselves with Black Lives Matter, has been circulating on and received nearly 500 signatures in just a few days.

LaMallori claims that the image of the tiger was created during the height of Jim Crow to honor a Confederate regime and is the “most prevalent confederate symbol in the United States.”

“These powerful white males choose the Tiger as a symbol to honor a confederate regiment called Louisiana’s Tigers. They were known for their propensity for violence on and off the battle field. They were just as violent to the black slaves they owned, and later even more violent once those slaves were set free,” LaMallori wrote. “It is incredibly insulting for any African American to have to attend to a school that honors confederate militantism. It is already hard enough to be black at LSU, and these symbols must be changed. We must speak truth to power, and continue to march toward justice. That day is coming, the day when every symbol of white oppression is torn down.”

Not everyone is keen on changing Mike the Tiger. The top comment on the page condemns LaMallori’s efforts, “This is getting f-ing ridiculous! The past Is the past. LSU has been the tigers since its inception.”


Source: Red Alert Politics

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