Liberal Media Ignores Democrat Candidate Just Arrested For Stalking

A Democrat running for Congress with a history of stalking charges was arrested again last week, but the mainstream media has refused to cover the story.

Media coverage of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore’s sex abuse scandal is in no short supply. And he’s getting no special treatment from conservatives.

Fox News’s Sean Hannity said on Tuesday that in this country, people are innocent until proven guilty. But he also said that Moore’s defense is inconsistent and conflicting. Unless Moore can “immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation,” Hannity says he needs to drop out of the Senate race.

Democrats, however, have remained silent when it comes to denouncing their own.

David Alcon is running for an open congressional seat in New Mexico. It’s pretty incredible that he’s even running considering his stalking conviction in 2007.  On Friday, Alcon was arrested again, facing a felony stalking charge.

A woman came forward to say Alcon sent her lewd, disturbing text messages and has been stalking her at her own home.

The Daily Caller reports:

David Alcon, who is running for an open congressional seat in New Mexico, was arrested this past Friday on a felony stalking charge after a woman accused him of sending her frightening and lewd text messages and showing up at her home. Alcon was previously convicted of stalking his ex-girlfriend in 2007 and was described as “infatuated” and “clearly obsessed” by the judge in the case.

While the mainstream media blasts Moore repeatedly, it seems they’re more concerned with his politics than his alleged crimes.

This is liberal hypocrisy at its finest. If the Left were really concerned with the truth, they would at least give some coverage to Alcon’s arrest. Yet several networks haven’t even brought it up.

The Daily Caller continues:

The story has been met with silence from a number of media outlets despite their breathless coverage of the sexual assault scandal surrounding Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

According to a search of the television database TV Eyes, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC have given zero on-air coverage to Alcon’s arrest. The networks have also not published any stories about Alcon’s scandal on their websites in the past week.

Meanwhile, ABC, CBS, and NBC spent more than 79 minutes talking about Roy Moore between November 9 and November 13.

Alcon pursued the woman despite being told multiple times that she wanted nothing to do with him. Nevertheless, Alcon told her that he was watching her and wanted to have children with her.

He also sent her a picture of his genitals.

Alcon previously said his past charges were “in the past.” It’s clear that he still harasses women with threats and stalker behavior.

Santa Fe New Miexican reports:

Alcon, a Democrat whose address is in Milan, was picked up by Albuquerque police on Friday and booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center, jail records show.

A Santa Fe judge signed a warrant for Alcon’s arrest nearly two weeks ago, after a Santa Fe woman told police she was at a Halloween party when Alcon sent her a number of threatening text messages. A criminal complaint filed by Santa Fe police said Alcon’s texts told the woman he was watching her, wanted to have children with her, and contained a picture of his genitals.

According to the complaint, the woman stated “multiple times in the text messages that she did not want anything to do with Alcon, and she repeatedly told him to leave her alone.”

It is not Alcon’s first stalking arrest. He was convicted nearly 10 years ago of trespassing and aggravated stalking. Prosecutors said he broke into his girlfriend’s home in 2007, then continued to show up at her house late at night, left her notes, flowers and harassing messages, and drove past her home.

When Alcon, the son of a former state legislator, announced his bid for Congress in September, he told The New Mexican that his stalking and the trespassing case was “something in the past.” Alcon, who served three years on probation, said at his sentencing that he had been sober for a year and a half and had completed numerous hours of anger management classes.

Why is this creep being ignored by so many media outlets, when the evidence for his guilt is overwhelming?

The Left needs to get over their delusions and stop protecting their own.

Source: The Federalist Papers

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