Krauthammer: If Democrats Pursue the Sanders Route, It Would Destroy Their Party

This past weekend, Bernie Sanders went off on the failures of the Democratic Party. Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News tonight that the party should not be listening to him.

He said while the left may have the leadership and the “energy,” the country at large “has not taken kindly to socialism” and what they’re advocating for won’t sell:

“If they pursue the Sanders route, particularly if they have another people’s party, that will destroy the Democrats and it will give a very unsteady and split Republicans a new lease on life, which is what they really need. This is very self-destructive, which means it’s very capital-D Democratic.”

At one point, Bret Baier asked him, “When you hear Bernie Sanders say that the Democratic Party really has no political presence or message, doesn’t that also take away from the whole ‘Russia stole the election’ mantra from some of the party?”

Krauthammer said it does, telling Baier, “It was the lack of message that killed them. The Russia thing I think is a convenient excuse. It might’ve had a peripheral effect at best, if it had any at all.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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