Kathy Griffin Takes ISIS-Inspired Beheading Picture Of Trump

(Associated Press)

Comedian Kathy Griffin has decided that being funny includes showing a beheaded President Trump in a new series of photos taken by provocative photographer Tyler Shields.

The image leaked by TMZ on Tuesday shows Griffin holding Trump’s bloody severed head in an ISIS-inspired photo that most definitely crosses the line. She even joked that when it was released, she and the photographer would have to flee to Mexico.


“We have to leave for Mexico today because we’re going to go to prison, federal prison,” Griffin said to the photographer after high-fiving him after the shoot was done. “Call your dad, apologize… let’s go to Mexico today, because we’re not surviving this.”

TMZ took an online poll and within a few hours 75 percent of the more 60,000 people who took the unscientific poll said she went too far.

This kind of publicity event has gotten people in trouble in the past. Back in 2012, a California man took a mask of President Obama and hung it on a noose for Halloween causing the Secret Service to pay a visit to his home. Similarly, Madonna earned a Secret Service investigation after saying she’s fantasized about blowing up the White House.

Can you imagine what would happen if a Republican actor did the same thing?

When asked for comment, the Secret Service responded, “We cannot comment on individual cases but takes any threats to the President, Vice President, or any one we protect very seriously.”


Source: Red Alert Politics

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