ili,,, Instant Language Translation

ili is a wearable translator that instantly translates your words. The device can be used anywhere, anytime without being connected to the Internet. Its intuitive user interface allows you to use the device as if you’re directly communicating with the other person.

Simple interface

Push and hold the center button and begin speaking; release the button when you’re done. This simple interface allows anyone to use ili.

No Internet required

It’s difficult to find a reliable Internet connection when you’re traveling abroad. Since ili doesn’t require an Internet connection.

Instant translation

Our proprietary voice streaming translation system, STREAM, translates words in as little as 0.2 seconds. Make communication happen without experiencing frustrating delays.

Travel phrases

ili is loaded with a library of phrases that are commonly used by travellers, minimizing translation errors. The library also includes words associated with places and latest trends for a seamless communication experience.

Available for businesses in the US from June 2017

Limited to 100 Early Adopters

Get Started!

ili will provide products for general consumers in 2017 Please sign up for their newsletter to get the latest updates

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