Iceland’s President Supports World Down Syndrome Day — Genocide

March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day – chosen because it represents the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome.

The day is meant to celebrate the unique value, human dignity and inherent worth of people who have Down Syndrome. People show their support for diversity and support for those with Down Syndrome by wearing mismatched socks and posting them online.

It’s a fun little campaign. It’s sort of cute in an online slacktivism way, but it’s not harmful.

Cue the progressive hypocrisy.

Icelandic President, Gudni Jóhannnesson, posted a picture of himself sporting mismatched socks, claiming to show his support for those people who have Down Syndrome in his country.

How cute and silly, right?

Sure, except for the fact that Jóhannnesson’s country, under his guidance is committing a genocide against babies diagnosed with Down syndrome before they are born.

President Jóhannnesson’s government has solved the Down Syndrome “problem” in his country through an aggressive program of prenatal screening and abortion. In Iceland, every single baby, 100% of all those diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, are aborted. There hasn’t been a baby with Down’s Syndrome born in Iceland in the past five years.

I guess the mismatched socks are supposed to help us forget that Iceland uses public health programs to exterminate people before they’re born with a genetic disorder.

This is what progressivism brings us, it’s modern day eugenics explained away as women’s rights. It’s the kind of eugenics that Hitler used, and the father of modern medicare, Tommy Douglas, supported.



Source: The Rebel

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