I Am Helen Reddy – If You Don’t Know Who I Am, Watch This. 2011 Interview

Helen Reddy Interview – Feature Story on Today Tonight. Australian Entertainer, Singer of “I Am Woman” “Delta Dawn” “Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)” As seen on Channel 7 Today Tonight Copyright © 2011 Seven Network Australia

I Am Woman“, a song written by Australian-American artist Helen Reddy and singer-songwriter Ray Burton and performed by Reddy. The first recording of the song appeared on Reddy’s debut album I Don’t Know How to Love Him, released in May 1971, and was heard during the closing credits for the 1972 film Stand Up and Be Counted. A new recording of the song was released as a single in May 1972 and became a number one hit later that year, eventually selling over one million copies. The song came near the apex of the counterculture era[1] and, by celebrating ‘female empowerment’, became an enduring anthem for the women’s liberation movement.