Published on Mar 8, 2016

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Before standing by her man through one of the biggest presidential scandals in the history of the United States.
Before rocking a power suit like no one else.
Before deleting a whole bunch of emails.
Before Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2008, only to lose the democratic nomination to a junior Senator named Barrack Hussein Obama.
Before serving as First Lady, a US Senator and Secretary of State.
Before she ran again in 2016, only to find herself in another surprisingly close race, this time with self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton grew up the oldest of three children just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Raised in a conservative household, she was originally a republican and uncovered acts of fraud against Richard Nixon when she was just 13 years young, she also wrote NASA inquiring how she could become a _____ but they replied that girls cannot be astronaughts. Young Hillary excelled in school, finishing in the top 5% of her high school class and continuing on to Wellesley college and then Yale Law School.

There she would meet fellow law student and southern charmer, the future 42nd President of the United States, Slick Willie himself, Bill Clinton.

For the next fifteen years she built her political career. Working on the Watergate scandal, campaigning for equality in the workplace, children’s advocacy groups and serving on the boards of million dollar companies. Before becoming the the first lady in 1993, and everybody knew the name Hillary Clinton, though not always for the right reasons.

Hi guys, my name is Michael McCrudden and welcome back to another edition of Before They Were Famous, documenting the life and career of one of the the most powerful women in politics, Hillary Clinton.

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