HGSE in the Media: February 2017

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Trump’s Orders on Immigration Rattle Some Educators (PBS)
Assistant Professor Roberto Gonzales weighs in on what the president’s new executive order means for students, families, and communities.

Bay State’s Public Schools, Health Care, and Economy Stand Out (US News)
Professor Paul Reville shares his perspective on Massachusetts’ Education Reform Act and the impact it had for setting high standards for public schools in the state.

Those Divided by Transgender Debate Can Share Aim to Prevent Bullying: Interview (Christian Science Monitor)
Ed.L.D. Candidate Tina Owen-Moore speaks about how schools can reduce and prevent bullying and be safe and welcoming for all students.

False News…from College (The Huffington Post)
Making Caring Common’s Turning the Tide initiative and its emphasis on extracurricular activity and service in college applications is mentioned.

Broncos’ Brandon Marshall to Be Honored by Harvard for Stance Against Social Injustice (Denver Post)
Brandon Marshall, an NFL linebacker, was awarded for his social activism at the 15th annual HGSE Alumni of Color Conference.

Dismal Voucher Results Surprise Researchers as DeVos Era Begins (New York Times)
Professor Marty West shares his views on the most recent research on private school vouchers.

Can Virtual Reality “Teach” Empathy? (Hechinger Report)
Professor Chris Dede outlines the promise of immersion technologies like “virtual reality” in the classroom.

Colleges, Faced with Funding Cuts, Target Tenure Trims (Wall Street Journal)
Kiernan Mathews of COACHE weighs in on the pressures and demands facing faculty amidst changes to the institution of tenure at colleges and universities.

Diversity Low in Mass. Teacher Preparation Programs (Boston Globe)
HGSE is mentioned in an evaluation of minority representation in Massachusetts educator preparation programs.

Solving the Substitute Teacher Conundrum (The Atlantic)
“Uber for Substitutes” Promises to Enrich Learning When the Teacher Is Away (Education Week)
Ed.L.D. Candidate Sarah Cherry Rice’s venture, Parachute Teachers, a marketplace for community members to leverage their talents in classrooms when students’ everyday teacher is unable to be there, is garnering nationwide interest.

Protest or Engage: What Should Betsy DeVos’ Opponents Do Next? (Christian Science Monitor)
Betsy DeVos Was Just Confirmed as Education Secretary — Here’s what she will control (Business Insider)
Professor Paul Reville elucidates the role of the Secretary of Education in the Current Federal Landscape.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Ties Up with Gurugram-based Vega School
A collaboration between an Indian school and HGSE will explore “retooling” Indian education to address a widening skill-job gap in the country.

Education Secretary’s First Move: Reassure Critics (Voice of America)
Faculty member Marty West weighs in on Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as education secretary.

DeVos-Backed Company Questioned on ADHD, Autism (Education Week)
Nadine Gaab shares her perspective on Neurocore and its claims to treat autism and ADHD in children.

How did Lawrence, Mass., Turn Its Schools Around? Cooperation. (Christian Science Monitor)
Paul Reville discusses improvements and a turnaround made by Lawrence schools in the wake of an act he drafted in his previous role as education secretary of Massachusetts.

PISA, Internalizing Failure, and Barriers to Deeper Learning (Education Week)
Ed.L.D. candidate Jonathan J.B. Mijs writes a piece about how litmus tests like PISA are not helping students succeed.

Education Reform Leader Touts Springfield Empowerment Zone as Model Program for Struggling Schools (MassLive)
Adjunct Lecturer Chris Gabrieli discusses efforts to improve nine struggling schools in Springfield, Mass.

Howard Gardner, Father of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ Theory, Unpacks Trump’s Narrow View of Intelligence (Washington Post)
“First of all, if you are going to make statements about what it means to be intelligent, you need to either define intelligent clearly, give the results of formal testing, or both. To my knowledge, Trump has done neither,” writes Professor Howard Gardner.

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