Health and Fitness: Stick To Your 2018 Goals With Steady Approach, Planning And Free Sessions

There are a few things that can derail your new year’s fitness resolutions.

One is soreness, usually from going too hard too early. That is why it is important that you don’t try to make up for lost time. Start afresh and set micro goals on the way to your main goal.

Another is going back to work. I have heard quite a few people in the past week saying they are worried that getting back into their usual routine will throw their newly established good habits of holiday fitness out the window.

A third is heat, and the past couple of days would have put a lot of fitness plans on the back-burner.

There are a few things to consider if you are exercising in warmer weather.

Hydration is paramount. You need to drink extra water before, during and after your activity. If you are planning to go on a long run on a day you know is going to be scorching, make sure you have water with you and know where taps are along the way.

Plan earlier sessions to beat the heat or change locations. I made my return to Blackbutt parkrun on Saturday after a lengthy absence and it ended up being a pretty good move as the track is mostly shaded by trees, which offers protection from the heat.

The Beaches parkrun along the sand between Bar Beach and Merewether is another option which offers a post-run cool-down in the surf.

You could also hit the pool for some laps or find another water sport that will give you a workout while also letting you cool off.

So don’t let the heat burn out your new year’s fitness goals but be mindful of ways you can stay cool and hydrated if you are planning a workout.

STAY HYDRATED: There are a few considerations when trying to maintain a fitness regime in the hotter months, including having plenty of fluids.

STAY HYDRATED: There are a few considerations when trying to maintain a fitness regime in the hotter months, including having plenty of fluids.


Lake Macquarie residents who want to improve their health and fitness this year will have a helping hand with access to free fitness classes at Charlestown Swim Centre.

Lake Macquarie City Council has teamed up with Live Life Get Active to offer a free health and fitness program.

Live Life Get Active provides fitness camps, led by professional trainers, in parks and community spaces around the country, with members also receiving access to nutritional plans and health advice.

Last month the council endorsed a proposal to waive fees for the use of the grassed area at Charlestown Swim Centre for Live Life Get Active camps and GPT Group (Charlestown) will cover costs of the program delivery.

Mayor of Lake Macquarie, Kay Fraser said it was important “to encourage a healthier community”.

“This program promotes social interaction as well as healthy lifestyles, and helps us to make good use of available recreational space,” councillor Fraser said.

Live Life Get Active camps will be conducted at Charlestown Swim Centre five days a week during school terms from February. Activities will include cross-training, boxing, fitness games and yoga. More information through


When it heats up, hit the beach for a workout and incorporate the ocean or ocean baths into your workout.

It could look like this:

Squat with lunge. Start with feet together, standing tall. Take left leg wide as you squat, return to start position then take left leg forward to perform a lunge. 10 repetitions on both legs.

Push-ups with dumbbell row. Use dumbbells to anchor yourself to ground. Perform a push-up then alternate rows. 5-10 repetitions.

10 abdominal crunch with rotation. 10 glute bridge.

Swim two laps of baths between each exercise or run into the water. Complete three sets from the top.


Across the Harbour swim, Newcastle harbour, January 26: Choose from a 1400-metre return swim from Queens Wharf to Stockton and back, or the 700m one-way option.

Summer Run Series, Race 2, Carrington, February 4: Considered “a flat and fast” 10km course, this is a good one for those looking to do a race of this distance for the first time.

Maximum Adventure Race Series, Lake Macquarie, February 17: A sense of adventure is apparently all that is required for this one, and a partner. The two-person team event involves trail running, kayaking and mountain bike riding.

Renee Valentine is a writer, qualified personal trainer and mother of three.

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