Harvard EdCast: Tweet to Action

Ashley Ford TweetAs Ashley Ford describes it, it was “some random thoughts on a random day.” She had no idea that putting it out into the twitterverse at that moment would spark a movement. Yet, now, over $150,000 has been donated nationwide by hundreds of people in order to wipe out the lunch debt of strangers.

“What’s beautiful is that I tweeted the idea and these other people decided to make it happen in their own communities,” says Ford, a writer and editor whose work has appeared in The Guardian, ELLE, and Slate, among other publications. “That’s the thing that overwhelms me.”

The importance of school lunch — especially in families that qualify for reduced or free lunch — should not be underestimated, says Ford, who, as a child was part of the free luch program. “Kids who are hungry can’t learn,” she says.

In this edition of the Harvard EdCast, Ford discusses her personal experience with school lunch debt and how her one tweet inspired a movement.

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Source: Harvard Graduate School


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