Hana Ali Shares Her Fathers Final Moments

Hana Ali final moments

Hana Ali final moments

Muhammad Ali, the iconic three-time world heavyweight boxing champion who died Friday, had recently shunned the public spotlight he once seemed to revere.

The former world heavyweight champion died late on Friday at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, having been admitted on Thursday.

He had been suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease.

His last known appearance was at a Parkinson’s fundraiser April 9 in Phoenix, according to the Arizona Republic.

Ali’s funeral will take place in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, said his family.

Hana Ali, one of Ali’s nine children, shared an anecdote from the scene at her father’s bedside as he died.

“We all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, ‘You can go now. We will be okay. We love love. Thank you. You can go back to God now.’ All of us were around him hugging and kissing him and holding his hands, chanting the Islamic prayer. All of his organs failed but his HEART wouldn’t stop beating. For 30 minutes…his heart just keep beating. No one had ever seen anything like it. A true testament to the strength of his Spirit and Will!”


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