Full Steam Ahead? The Chelsea Train Is Back

(Photo via ABC)

In this political environment, you start to get depressed. Up is down. Black is white. And nothing seems to make sense anymore.

But then, a glimmer of hope enters your life after remaining dormant for a month or two and restores balance to the galaxy. That hope is Chelsea Victoria Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill, savior to the Democrats in 2020.

As soon as the Kathy Griffin photoshoot leaked by TMZ, Chelsea was one of the first prominent liberals to condemn the act, tweeting:

To follow up, Chelsea joined the hosts of The View on Wednesday to promote her new book She Persisted. She talked a little more about Kathy Griffin and how you shouldn’t joke about assassinating a president, but also was coaxed into a discussion about her political aspirations.

Co-host Sara Haines asked Chelsea during the discussion, “You said you’re not interested in running for political office, but your political tweets do give people hope. Is there anything that would change your mind?”

It was at that point that Haines held a bumper sticker reading “Clinton Clinton ’20” to raucous applause as the show was obviously endorsing her non-existent campaign.

I’ve written before that the media needs to stop making Chelsea Clinton happen. I must renege on this claim. I believe the media needs to go full throttle on promoting Chelsea in every way they can. That’s the only way that this tweet can come to life:

The way the Democrats have been acting lately, they’ll never win another election.

Watch Chelsea’s appearance on The View below:

Source: Red Alert Politics

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