Freedom Dream, OVERGROW CANADA 2017!


Dana Larsen has five million cannabis seeds‎ to give away. Register now to get your 100 free seeds.

We have 50,000 packages of 100 seeds each to give away by mail and in person. We will start shipping seeds in mid-February and will end the campaign on April 20.

This year we’re giving away only one variety of seeds, a strain we’ve named “Freedom Dream”. This variety is grown industrially for seed production.‎ The seeds are not feminized, and will be roughly half males and half females. Freedom Dream plants will grow to about five feet tall. Females will ‎produce flowers with a very low THC level, and around 8-12% CBD if grown and harvested under optimal conditions.

Learn how to germinate your seed here. Do not just scatter seeds over the soil, as they will not survive. Seeds must be planted about one inch under loose soil to sprout naturally. For best results, sprout them at home and let them grow at least a few inches tall before transplanting outdoors.‎ The bigger they are before transplanting outdoors, the better.

We encourage you to sprout and grow these seeds indoors at home during March and April, to get them as big and strong as possible before planting them outdoors. The best is to put them in a public place, and send us a photo to [email protected].

We recommend planting them at City Hall, in front of the local police station, in storefront planters, and other highly visible public places. Make sure to send us a photo as soon as you plant the cannabis!

We will send 100 seeds to anyone who asks for them. It costs us about $2.50 to pack and ship each envelope. We encourage you to donate a couple of dollars to help cover these costs, but donations are not mandatory. 

Although the Freedom Dream strain does produce enough CBD for medicinal use, there are other strains out there which will produce a higher level of CBD and are more suitable for patients.

The Overgrow Canada seed giveaway is for Canadians only.
We will not sends seeds outside of Canada.

Thank you for being part of the Overgrow Canada campaign!

You can see photos from our 2016 Overgrow campaign here Overgrow Canada on Facebook!

If you have questions, please send us an email at [email protected].


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