Fox Facing Backlash for Hiring Vick 



With the NFL season starting this week, NFL fans are glad to be able to do some NFL betting this season. They are also getting ready for another season filled with controversy as FOX announced they have hired former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick as a studio analyst.


For those who don’t remember, Vick spent 18 months behind bars for his role in a dog fighting operation run out of a home he owned in Virginia. At the time of his conviction, Vick was in the prime of his career, and was one of the most popular players in the NFL. Once word of his actions came out, he became a pariah to a lot of NFL fans.


After spending time in jail, Vick was once again allowed to continue playing in the NFL, but had been released by the Falcons. He signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles as a backup to quarterback Donovan McNabb.


After a year backing McNabb up, Vick became the Eagles starter and had one of the best seasons of his career, which helped him land another $100 million contract, making him the first NFL player to sign two $100 million contracts in a career.


A few years later, Vick was released by the Eagles and he finished out his career as a backup with the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Even though Vick was able to rehabilitate his image, there were still a lot of fans unhappy he was allowed to continue playing in the NFL because of the abuse the dogs were put through. Despite their protests, there wasn’t much they could do to prevent teams from hiring him.


Now that his career is over, the disgruntled fans were hoping Vick would ride off in the sunset to be forgotten, but Fox had other plans and hired him to be a studio analyst.


After the announcement that Vick had been hired was made, Fox Sports President Eric Shanks told reporters he understands why some people are upset Vick was hired by his company. Despite that, he also feels that Vick has paid his debt to society and has done everything possible to try and make things right.


Shanks said he didn’t hesitate to hire Vick because he felt he was the right person at the right time for them.


Even though NFL teams were wary of signing Vick when he got out of Jail, most of them changed their minds when they saw he could still play at a high level.


Most NFL teams don’t like bringing in players that will cause distractions of affect the bottom line, but with Vick, the talent outweighed the baggage and they gave him a second chance despite protests by animal lovers.


Fox seems to be taking the same approach with Vick. Animal rights advocates and lovers have already started an online petition to get FOX to fire Vick, and they are about 3,000 signatures away from their goal of 75,000.


Despite the amount of signatures, the chances of FOX firing Vick at this point is very slim and the only way I can see it happening is if he does something that gets him arrested again. uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast nfl events and outcomes. Check it out!

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