Even the Church Of Satan Is Distancing Itself From Kathy Griffin

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After her ISIS-inspired photograph holding President Trump’s severed head, comedian Kathy Griffin is losing business left and right.

CNN announced on Wednesday they will be ending their relationship with Griffin – she will no longer be taking part in their New Year’s Eve specials. The toilet stool company Squatty Potty has dumped the comedian as well. She will no longer be featured in their ad campaign after the Utah-based business called her actions “inappropriate” and a violation of “company values.” Route 66 Casino Hotel has canceled a performance previously set for July 22. The casino is offering anyone who already purchased tickets a full refund.

A very unique group is also distancing themselves from the controversial comedian: the Church of Satan. They have strongly condemned Kathy Griffin on Twitter and asked not to be associated with her actions.

Responding to a tweet by journalist Mike Cernovich, the Satanic church asked not to be associated with Griffin’s “Satanic-ISIS death threats.”

The Church of Satan also responded to a tweet by former governor Mike Huckabee. The organization, again, asked not to be associated with the incident.

For all the people and organizations severing ties with Griffin – there is still one Democratic politician choosing to stick by her side.

In an appearance on CNN, Sen. Al Franken condemned the actions by Griffin, but was willing to move on because she has since apologized. He will not cancel an upcoming event with her in July for a promotion of his new book.


Jason Hopkins began his career in state politics while attending college. He served as an aide to the Georgia Senate Majority Leader his Senior year. He continued to work in the Georgia Senate following graduation – serving as an aide to the Chairman of the Science and Technology committee. Jason then moved to the DC area to track and analyze legislation passing through all 50 state capitols.

Source: Red Alert Politics

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