Elizabeth Warren Torches Trump FULL Speech At Hillary Clinton Rally

Published on Jun 27, 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) just torched presumptive Republican presidential nominee in a blistering speech where she pulled zero punches. Among other things, Warren called Trump “a nasty man who will never become president” and “a small, insecure money-grubber who fights for only himself.” She also made a sly reference to Trump’s nickname of her as “Goofy Elizabeth Warren” by throwing it right back in his face. “You want to see goofy, look at him in that hat,” she said. She then made fun of Trump’s big golf course trip to Scotland over the weekend and mocked the idea that he was really a “man of the people.
“When Donald Trump says ‘great,’ I say, ‘Great for who, exactly?’ For families that don’t fly to Scotland to play golf?” she asked rhetorically. “When he says ‘Make America Great’ he means make it great for rich guys just like Donald Trump… Watch out, because he will crush you into the dirt to get what he wants.”

The speech wasn’t just about Trump, however, as she also praised presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for being a tough fighter who has what it takes to beat Trump.

“She knows you beat a bully not by tucking your tail and running, but by standing your ground and fighting back,” Warren said of Clinton. “She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t run to Twitter to call her opponents ‘fat pigs’ or ‘dummies.’ … Hillary has brains, she has guts, she has a thick skin.”

Check out the whole video below.Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will hold a rally in Cincinnati Monday with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. The rally is scheduled to begin 10:30 a.m. at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Watch live video, courtesy of WCPO, below:“Elizabeth and I came of age around the same time,” Clinton says. Warren appears to have left the stage. Clearing the way for the candidate. Clinton says “no one works harder to make sure Wall Street never, never wrecks Main Street again…” She talks about Warren’s consumer financial protection bureau. “It has already returned over $10.8bn to 25m Americans who have been hurt by illegal financial practices,” Clinton says. “We need to make sure that basic bargain is alive and well in 2016. Elizabeth is leading the fight to liberate millions of Americans from the burden of student debt and to make sure Washington never again profits off our students. Warren leads the crowd in a “Hillary! Hillary!” cheer Donald Trump cheats his workers and wants to abolish the minimum wage. HIllary Clinton believes no one should work full time and live in poverty and that means raising the minimum wage.. Hillary fights for us!

Donald Trump calls African Americans thugs, Muslims terrorists, Latinos criminals and rapists and women bimbos. Hillary Clinton believes racism .. and bigotry have no place in our country. She fights for us and we will fight for Hillary Clinton.

The crowd is into it. tion

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