Don’t Waste a Vote on the Unserious Candidate Who Can’t Possibly Win

Americans Ought to Know The Value of Their Votes

by Josh Guckert

Some pundits have attempted to position the 2016 campaign as a three-way race between Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, and Libertarian Gary Johnson. However, Americans need to get real: there are only two serious candidates and parties in the country. Casting a ballot for that third-party is nothing but a waste.



It is understandable why some might believe that “third choice” is legitimate and intriguing as a candidate. He’s run for President before and will likely be on the ballot in all fifty states. He has in the past proposed somewhat unorthodox solutions, including the legalization of all drugs. He has criticized the failures of the Iraq War. This candidate even selected a very successful governor as his running-mate.

However, his downfalls are simply too great. There is some question if he will even participate in the ever-important presidential debates. He has raised little money and spent not much at all on campaign commercials, lagging far behind the other two. Further, he has been constantly by those in his own party for failing to abide by their core principles. Even at that, his party looks to be a non-factor in modern politics, with few Americans identifying with it. The party’s convention this year proved that, as little order existed, and people with no business in politics were invited to speak.

Either way, every indication shows that his fringe ideology has little to no chance of garnering enough votes to win a national election. While popular with a small and vocal minority, his brand does not resonate with most of America.

With it now out of the way that Donald Trump is not a serious candidate worthy of consideration, Americans can focus on the choice between Johnson and Clinton. It would be silly to waste a vote on a candidate polling so poorly among major and broad groups like youth, women, and minorities.

The contrast between the two major candidates is stark: Johnson represents liberty, while Clinton symbolizes totalitarianism. Though Trump likely hopes that he can potentially spoil the election for Johnson by “stealing” votes from him and perhaps even win a few electoral votes, his “radical” constituency is small enough that Johnson may still overcome. Trump could perhaps make an attempt to swing the election to the House for a tiebreaker vote. However, Congress may not be comfortable voting for an unknown commodity which is so antithetical to the values of so many voters.

The Republican Party just does not represent the views of many Americans. Simply put, they’re like Libertarians who don’t smoke marijuana. Some might even describe them as “fiscally Libertarian” and “socially exclusive,” though purist Republicans may object to that classification as being an over-simplification. If the Republicans ever hope to become a serious force in American politics, they must purge the fringe activists from their ranks.

If Americans can concentrate on the two serious candidates and realize the importance of voting for someone who can actually win, the country can avoid the tyranny of a second Clinton presidency by turning to Gary Johnson. Anyone who votes for Trump should be informed that his or her vote does nothing but take votes away from Johnson. In doing so, they basically cast a vote for Clinton, and only assist in electing her.

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