Doctor warns of rising cases of lifestyle diseases

Dr Macharia Kiruhi, a surgeon and the Executive Director of Outspan Hospital BY JOSEPH MUCHIRI/STANDARD

A medic has raised the alarm over the increase of lifestyle diseases in Central and Nairobi.

Outspan Hospital Executive Director Macharia Kiruhi said there was an increase in patients diagnosed with arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions in the region.

Dr Kiruhi, who is also a surgeon, attributed the diseases to consumption of junk, processed and refined foods, lack of exercise and stress at home and in the work place.

“Cases of patients suffering from these lifestyle diseases are on the rise and could be linked to their sedentary lifestyles, chemicals in refined foods and consumption of food with unwanted fats. Many people are stressed due to the high cost of living coupled with expensive education, while many no longer seek solace from churches unlike before,” he said.

Speaking during a free medical camp and the official launch of Outspan Hospital, Embu branch on Saturday, the doctor advised Kenyans to revert to traditional vegetables and tubers such as sweet potatoes and arrow roots, cereals and legumes, and eat meat and drink alcohol in moderation.

Kiruhi said many patients turn up at the hospital complaining of back ache and joint pain, with most being diagnosed with arthritis. He added that cold temperatures and hard labour could be the cause of arthritis.

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