This e-mail thing is not going away, as much as you might wish it.

It’s not that I don’t trust her good intentions. Intentions don’t matter much. I don’t trust that she makes the right decisions. It’s hard to keep track of the contortions and contradictions and still-open questions here:

Yes, it matters. It really matters. Even if you’re die-hard Clinton supporter, you should be concerned, as Peter Beinart explains:

When she led the health task force in the 1990s, Hillary’s insularity kept her from recognizing that, because Congress would not support universal coverage, the White House needed to embrace more modest reforms. In the State Department, it kept her from recognizing the dangers of using her own email server. Let’s hope she learns from these mistakes. Because if she creates a bubble around herself yet again, she’ll imperil her chances of winning the White House, or of being a successful president once she gets there.

You can go down the line and look at where this combination of elitism and arrogance and close-mindedness has led Clinton to make the wrong choices—bad decisions that impacted millions of lives: Iraq. Libya, which her team expected to become a “centerpiece of her record as secretary of state,” according to NYT reporter Scott Shane. They also thought they could tout her record of accomplishment in Haiti, where she personally intervened after the 2010 earthquake. Nope. Honduras. Not to mention the Goldman Sachs transcripts, which she could have released ages ago and put behind her. None of this bodes well.