Desperate, dishonest, and well-funded: Jon Ossoff raises $8 million

(Photo via AP)

(Photo via AP)

Meet the young guns who are planning to get to Congress before they get to their 35th birthday. These millennials aren’t messing around, and one of them faces his first electoral test next week. Jon Ossoff is raising crazy cash from megadonors to win in deep-red Georgia. Lindsay Brown is a Bernie-ite liberal running as a Republican.

Ossoff is 30 years old. He’s running for HHS Secretary Tom Price’s old congressional seat as a Democrat in Georgia’s sixth district. He’s so desperate to #flipthesixth that he lied about having security clearance for two years (he had it for less than six months) and called himself a “senior national security staffer” when he was very much a junior.

Democrats share that desperation, and they’re putting unprecedented amounts of money behind an inexperienced candidate with false statements on his resume. In a normal Georgia sixth race, the Democrats raise about $10,000. Ossoff raised over $8,300,000.

Does that mean Georgians love him? Not quite. 95% of his donors live outside the district. Most of them are from New York and California.

Here’s the kicker: Ossoff doesn’t even live in Georgia’s sixth district. Running to represent a place one doesn’t live is the literal definition of carpetbagging. And if there’s one thing Southerners haaaaaate, it’s carpetbaggers.

Still, money talks – even when it comes from outside the district, for a candidate who lives outside the district. If Ossoff performs according to polling data, he’ll do well enough to make it to a runoff election later this year.

Even weirder than Ossoff’s campaign is that of Lindsay Brown, a 28-year-old progressive wunderkind seeking to unseat 64-year-old incumbent Republican Leonard Lance in New Jersey’s seventh district. Brown, an ardent liberal, says she’s running as a Republican out of necessity. She told Paste Magazine, “With NJ’s version of ‘fair districting’, a Dem will never be elected in my district, regardless of platform or message.”

Brown’s political experience consists of trying to get her college to change its sexual assault policies and participating in the women’s march following Trump’s inauguration. She is already collecting donations, but – unlike Ossoff – plans to shun big donor money and fundraise only from the little guys.

Only five millennials made it to the 115th Congress, which is up from three last year. All currently serve in the House of Representatives. Two ran for Senate (Patrick Murphy of Florida and Jason Kander of Missouri, both Democrats) and lost.

Four of the five millennials in Congress are Republicans. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii can boast the unique distinction of being Congress’ only millennial Democrat.

Ossoff and Brown plan to join her soon – and they’re counting on unusual campaigns to make it happen.


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Source: Red Alert Politics

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