Danish Inventor Reportedly Confesses To Dismembering Swedish Journalist, But Claims It Was Not Murder

The Danish inventor who was the last person to see journalist Kim Wall alive reportedly told police that he dismembered her and tossed her body parts in the water, but only after she accidentally died on his homemade submarine.

Investigators said Peter Madsen confessed to cutting up the 30-year-old Swedish writer and discarding her body after she allegedly died from carbon monoxide poisoning while inside his UC3 Nautilus, according to USA Today.

Madsen, 46, claims he was on the submarine’s deck when she died. He allegedly told authorities he dismembered Wall and threw her body parts overboard.

Journalist Kim Wall died after boarding Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s submarine.

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Earlier this month, divers found the legs and head of Wall in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her torso was found in August with at least 15 stab wounds to her rib cage and genitals, police said.

Danish inventor Peter Madsen denies murding journalist Kim Wall

Madsen has given conflicting accounts of what happened to Wall, who boarded his submarine on Aug. 10 to conduct an interview for a profile she was writing.


Peter Madsen was charged with murder in Kim Wall’s death.


According to USA Today, he first told authorities that he dropped Wall ashore after police found his submarine sinking.

He later changed his story, saying he “buried her at sea” after the writer died from a 155-pound hatch closing on her head. An autopsy, however, determined that Wall did not suffer an impact like that.

Kim Wall was last seen on Peter Madsen’s submarine. 

Kim Wall was last seen on Peter Madsen’s submarine.


The Guardian reports that files containing women being tortured and killed were found on Madsen’s computer. He denied the disturbing videos belonged to him, saying his computer was accessible to other people.

Inventor charged with killing Kim Wall says sub door hit her head

Madsen was charged with murder and mutilation. Police said Monday additional charges would include sexual assault without intercourse.


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