Connecticut Company Offers ‘Snowflake’ Test to Vet Potential Employees


By Lukas Mikelionis|1:35 pm, March 16, 2017
A Connecticut-based marketing company has created a “snowflake” test to weed out entitled liberal Millennials.

The Silent Partner Marketing company has come up with a unique way to vet potential employees. The firm developed a survey for applicants asking a number of questions about themselves. Questions include “What does America mean to you?” and “How do you feel about guns?”

Kyle Reyes, CEO of Silent Partner Marketing appeared on Fox & Friends on Wednesdney, saying “I needed a filter to sort through all of that.” He claimed the reason for the test was to find employees who fit best with the “culture” of the company and the clients they represent.

The CEO said that “Someone who’s not proud to be an American” would be automatically disqualified from a job at the firm. He added that any successful applicant should also be for the Second Amendment, saying that many in the company carry firearms and represent clients who do as well.

Source: Heat Street

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