Comedian Andy Richter says Trump ‘ideal’ speaker for CPAC because he’s ‘simplistic’ and ‘racist’

Andy Richter, the longtime sidekick to late-night comedian Conan O’Brien, took to Twitter Friday to denounce the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), saying that a “simplistic” and “racist” President Trump was the “ideal” speaker for the annual gathering.

“Of course CPAC loves Trump. A know-nothing bully who denies any reality other than his simplistic scary racist story? He’s their ideal,” Mr. Richtertweeted just after 11:30 a.m., after the president concluded his remarks to the gathering in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside the nation’s capital.

Minutes later, reacting to reports that audience members had waved Russian flags emblazoned with “TRUMP” on them, Mr. Richter lit into CPAC attendees with a profanity-laced tweet: “Those little Russian flags had to be a prank, right? If not, WOW are those [expletive] brazen or dumb. If yes, WOW that is genius[.]”

Challenged by a follower who complained that Mr. Richter probably believes “most if not all conservatives are backwards racists,” the comedian shot back in a tweet, “Nope. Just the ones like the ones that invited Steve Bannon and Milo [Yiannopoulous] to speak at CPAC.”

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